Premium Dry Cleaning in Sumner County, TN

With our Premium Dry Cleaning, you will treat your fabrics and clothing to our exclusive Sanitone® system, which is the best dry cleaning process in the world. Sanitone® is endorsed by some of the top clothing designers. It is just like a high quality spa treatment for your clothing.
Elegant men suit with tie - Shirt cleaning in Hendersonville, TN
We are the only dry cleaner in our area that is authorized to use this system, which is far different from your average dry cleaning process.
  • Sanitone® uses a magnet-like process to pull even the most difficult soil out of any type of fabric, which washes them completely away.
  • With this treatment, whites are whiter, colors are even brighter, and your clothing will look and feel like it did on the day you first brought it home.
  • The treatment also helps clothing stay in shape. You will find that they hold their shape longer and press easier.
  • With the special additives, you will notice a reduction in static and much less lint.
  • The conditioners involved in the treatment will leave your fabrics softer than ever.
The Sanitone® system brings out the best in your clothes. Call us to learn more about this treatment!